may 26, 2022: changed the paragraph font to basiic! unfortunately, microsoft edge is a hater, so i'll deal with that later. as of now, it should display on firefox/safari/IE (once you've overcome the constant nagging from Edge to upgrade to their totally better browser /s)

may 25, 2022: created the green page! not sure what i'll put there since it was mainly a test lol (maybe it will get a better name in the future...)
created a cbox for the site! come say hi :)
also made an about page that is pretty bare rn

may 24, 2022: been updating here and there, but i switched over to a new theme! hopefully all goes well

april 20, 2022: moving over to the updates page!

april 18(?), 2022: so far.. this site used to be hinatahajime, hope the future new owner enjoys the name :)
anyways i'm also at liella.neocities.org, but i'm fresh out of ideas lol